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Zhumabaev, Tuman

Tuman Zhumabaev - Sunflowers in the FieldTuman Zhumabaev - PoppiesTuman Zhumabaev - SunflowersTuman Zhumabaev - WinterTuman Zhumabaev - Purple FlowersTuman Zhumabaev - GirlTuman Zhumabaev - Portrait of a Girl in a HatTuman Zhumabaev - ReflectionTuman Zhumabaev - Snowy NightTuman Zhumabaev - Summer DayTuman Zhumabaev - White FlowersTuman Zhumabaev - Red PoppiesTuman Zhumabaev - Etude, Woman in GreenTuman Zhumabaev - Girl
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Sunflowers in the Field
Tuman Zhumabaev - Sunflowers in the Field

SOLD 16" x 27 1/2" oil

Tuman Zhumabaev - Poppies

11 1/4" x 15 1/4" oil

Tuman Zhumabaev - Sunflowers

SOLD 19 1/2" x 16 1/2" oil

Tuman Zhumabaev - Winter

7" x 9 5/8"  oil

Purple Flowers
Tuman Zhumabaev - Purple Flowers

SOLD  20" x 26" oil 

Tuman Zhumabaev - Girl

SOLD 19 3/8″ x 15 3/4″  oil

Portrait of a Girl in a Hat
Tuman Zhumabaev - Portrait of a Girl in a Hat


Tuman Zhumabaev - Reflection


Snowy Night
Tuman Zhumabaev - Snowy Night


Summer Day
Tuman Zhumabaev - Summer Day


White Flowers
Tuman Zhumabaev - White Flowers


Red Poppies
Tuman Zhumabaev - Red Poppies


Etude, Woman in Green
Tuman Zhumabaev - Etude, Woman in Green


Tuman Zhumabaev - Girl








Tuman Zhumabaev is one of the most prominent painters living in Russia today. Recently, he had a painting acquired by the Hermitage for its permanent collection.


1962 Born in small village in Kyrgyzstan (Kirgizia)

1981-85 Student of Serov Art School, Leningrad

1985-1991 studied at the Repin Institute, Leningrad

1981 to Present exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Austria

Jan., 2002 Accepted into St. Petersburg Artists’ Union

Feb., 2002 "Exhibition of New Artists," St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Central Hall

Mar., 2002 Solo exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam by invitation of Vietnamese Ministry of Culture

Oct., 2004, Personal exhibition of Vietnamese works, St. Petersburg, Russia

Dec., 2004, Group exhibition, St. Petersburg

March, May, 2005 Group exhibitions St. Petersburg

2006, 3 one-man exhibits at the Hall of the Russian Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg, Russia.

In the collection of the National State Museum of Kyrgyzstan and various other public and private collections throughout the world.