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Alekhin, Andrey

Andrey Alekhin - Church on the River, 2007Andrey Alekhin - Toward Evening, 2005Andrey Alekhin - Filippov Day, 2000Andrey Alekhin - Way to Church, 2006Andrey Alekhin - Winter on River, 2007Andrey Alekhin - BackyardAndrey Alekhin - WindyAndrey Alekhin - Church in ShungaAndrey Alekhin - My VillageAndrey Alekhin - Old Barn, EveningAndrey Alekhin - Chickens in the YardAndrey Alekhin - Village MotifAndrey Alekhin - Chickens on the Road
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Church on the River, 2007
Andrey Alekhin - Church on the River, 2007

11 5/8” x 17 3/8”   oil  framed  $950 framed

Toward Evening, 2005
Andrey Alekhin - Toward Evening, 2005

9 7/8″ x 23 1/8″   oil  $650 framed

Filippov Day, 2000
Andrey Alekhin - Filippov Day, 2000

26″ x 50″   oil     $4,500  framed

Way to Church, 2006
Andrey Alekhin - Way to Church, 2006

8″ x 15 5/8″  oil  signed 2006 $450 unframed

Winter on River, 2007
Andrey Alekhin - Winter on River, 2007

SOLD 13 3/4” x 27 3/8”   oil 

Andrey Alekhin - Backyard


Andrey Alekhin - Windy


Church in Shunga
Andrey Alekhin - Church in Shunga


My Village
Andrey Alekhin - My Village


Old Barn, Evening
Andrey Alekhin - Old Barn, Evening


Chickens in the Yard
Andrey Alekhin - Chickens in the Yard


Village Motif
Andrey Alekhin - Village Motif


Chickens on the Road
Andrey Alekhin - Chickens on the Road






·Born on April 3, 1962 in Kirovograd, Russia (Ural Region)

 ·Family moved to Rybinsk and entered the Rybinsk Art School in 1969

·Studied education as part of the Art Faculty of the Kostroma Pedagogical Institute, 1975-84

·First exhibited in 1983 at the Kostroma Pedagogical Institute

·Accepted into the artists’ union in 1991

·Participant in the 1991 exhibition at the Moscow Central Artists’ House

·One-man exhibit in Switzerland in 1999

·Participant in numerous exhibitions of the Russian Federation’s Union of Artists since 2000

·Currently resides in Kostroma where he works and gives private painting lessons

·Alekhin began showing at Gallery Russia, Scottsdale, in late 2005