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Gurin, Vasili

Vasili Gurin - First SnowVasili Gurin - Winter MotifVasili Gurin - Purple FlowersVasili Gurin - MorningVasili Gurin - Blue DayVasili Gurin - MartsyeVasili Gurin - Spring RosesVasili Gurin - Bear RockVasili Gurin - Warm Morning
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First Snow
Vasili Gurin - First Snow

SOLD 9 3/8″ x 11 1/4″  oil on board   signed 2002

Winter Motif
Vasili Gurin - Winter Motif
27 1/2″ x 31 1/2″   oil on canvas   signed   2005
Purple Flowers
Vasili Gurin - Purple Flowers
14″ x 12″   oil on board   signed   2000
Vasili Gurin - Morning
23 1/2″ x 27 5/8″   oil on canvas   signed   2005
Blue Day
Vasili Gurin - Blue Day

11 3/8" x 8"  oil on board  signed

Vasili Gurin - Martsye

8 1/2" x 10 5/8" oil on board signed

Spring Roses
Vasili Gurin - Spring Roses

9 1/2" x 11 5/8" oil on board signed

Bear Rock
Vasili Gurin - Bear Rock
4 1/4″ x 5 3/4″   oil on paper   signed   1998
Warm Morning
Vasili Gurin - Warm Morning

8 5/8" x 10 1/2" oil on board  signed

 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Autumn

SOLD 6″ x 4″   oil on paper   signed   1999

View of the Sea
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - View of the Sea

SOLD 8 1/2″ x 10 5/8″   oil on board   signed   1991

At the Sea
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - At the Sea


On the Sea
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - On the Sea


Camp by the Sea
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Camp by the Sea


Black Sea
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Black Sea


Gray Sea
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Gray Sea


 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Morning


Cold Morning
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Cold Morning


Kiev Flower Sellers
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Kiev Flower Sellers


Summer Celebration
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Summer Celebration


Tea Time
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Tea Time


 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Sunset


 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Evening


 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Road


 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Fall


 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Lavra


Golden Evening
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Golden Evening


Botanical Garden, Kiev
 Sold Works: Vasili Gurin - Botanical Garden, Kiev





1939 - 

Vasili Ivanovich Gurin was born March 18,1939 in the Crimean village of Pervomaiskoe. His family was of very modest means but the young artist’s talents were sufficient to earn him admission to the Simferopol Art College in 1954. Following his graduation in 1959, Gurin won acceptance into the prestigious Kiev Art Institute. While at the Institute, he studied under noted professors Nikilai Pysanski, Karp Trokhimenko and Nikolai Storozhenko, graduating in 1965. For the next two years he studied in workshops of the Academy of Arts under the direction of the famed S.A. Grigoriev.


In 1968, Gurin became a member of the Artists’ Union of the Ukraine and, in 1969, he joined the faculty of his alma mater, the Kiev Art Institute. Since 1989, Gurin has been head of the faculty of painting and composition. Also, since 1993, he has been head of teaching creative easel painting. In 1979, he won the title of "Honored Artist of Ukraine" and in 1992 he was given the highest honor a Ukrainian artist can receive when he was entitled, "Peoples’ Artist of Ukraine".


Vasili Gurin has participated in virtually all major art exhibitions in the former Soviet Union and Ukraine since 1965. His works may be found in the permanent collections of every major Ukrainian art museum as well as in prominent private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Gurin is a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ukraine, a position bestowed on artists of immense importance to their native country. He is listed in Matthew Bown’s, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters, 1900-1980’s.