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Volkovinskaya, Zinaida

Zinaida Volkovinskaya - In Carpathia, 1984Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Babushka, 1955Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Woman in Shawl, 1955Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Still Life, 1983Zinaida Volkovinskaya - First SnowZinaida Volkovinskaya - GladiolusesZinaida Volkovinskaya - Orchard WorkerZinaida Volkovinskaya - Herding SheepZinaida Volkovinskaya - Good FriendsZinaida Volkovinskaya - In BloomZinaida Volkovinskaya - School in CarpathiaZinaida Volkovinskaya - Sledding in CarpathiaZinaida Volkovinskaya - Winter in Carpathia
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In Carpathia, 1984
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - In Carpathia, 1984

19 5/8″ x 23 1/2″   oil on canvas   signed  $1,400

Babushka, 1955
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Babushka, 1955

16″ x 11 1/4″   charchoal on paper  signed $300

Woman in Shawl, 1955
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Woman in Shawl, 1955

16″ x 11 1/4″   charcoal on paper   signed  $300

Still Life, 1983
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Still Life, 1983

19″ x 23″   oil on canvas   signed  $600 

First Snow
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - First Snow


Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Gladioluses


Orchard Worker
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Orchard Worker
23 5/8″ x 18 1/2″   oil on canvas   signed   1956
Herding Sheep
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Herding Sheep


Good Friends
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Good Friends


In Bloom
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - In Bloom


School in Carpathia
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - School in Carpathia


Sledding in Carpathia
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Sledding in Carpathia


Winter in Carpathia
Zinaida Volkovinskaya - Winter in Carpathia






1915 - 2010

Zinaida (Zoia) Vladimirovna Volkovinskaya was born in 1915 in Odessa, Ukraine. She graduated from the Odessa Art School in 1932 and gained acceptance to the Kiev Art Institute in 1934. During this time, she studied under the esteemed Ukrainian master, Krichevsky. Following her graduation from the Institute in 1941, she worked in a military defense plant until the end of World War II.

 Volkovinskaya took part in her first group exhibition in 1941. She was given the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine in 1947. Throughout her career, she participated in many more exhibitions including in England, Italy, France, Germany and many of the former Soviet republics. She painted frequently in Soviet Asia. Her painting, "Cotton Collectors" is in the permanent collection of the Kiev Art Museum.

 Vokovinskaya is listed on page 345 of Matthew Bown's, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters.