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Maevski, Dmitri

Dmitri Maevski - Cloudy DayDmitri Maevski - ThinkingDmitri Maevski - Summer Study
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Cloudy Day
Dmitri Maevski - Cloudy Day

13 1/2" x 19 1/2" oil on board signed 1977 $3,200

Dmitri Maevski - Thinking

34″ x 25″   oil on canvas   signed   1963   framed  $6,000

Summer Study
Dmitri Maevski - Summer Study








1917 - 1992

Maevski was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 17, 1917.

From 1937-1939, he studied in the studio of the Russian master, Isaak Brodsky.

He studied in the studios of Piotr Buchkin and Aleksandr Kharshak from 1946 to 1953. He first began exhibiting in 1939 and was accepted into the Leningrad Artists′ Union in 1955.

Maevski was well known for his landscapes and portraits. His works are in museum collections in Russia and in private collections throughout the world. He passed away in 1992.

He is listed in Matthew Bown′s, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters.