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Stozharov, Vladimir

Vladimir Stozharov - Blue ShadowsVladimir Stozharov - Springtime in VazhgortVladimir Stozharov - Last RaysVladimir Stozharov - Quiet Nook
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Blue Shadows
Vladimir Stozharov - Blue Shadows


Springtime in Vazhgort
Vladimir Stozharov - Springtime in Vazhgort


Last Rays
Vladimir Stozharov - Last Rays


Quiet Nook
Vladimir Stozharov - Quiet Nook

11" x 8"   oil on board  signed on reverse  1955





1926 - 1973

Stozharov was one of the most important painters of the Soviet Era.

He was both an Honored Artist and People′s Artist of Russia as well as a People′s Artist of the USSR. He was a member of the USSR Academy of Arts and a 1968 Repin Prize Winner.

His paintings are in the permanent collections of all major museums in the former Soviet Union as well as in countless private collections throughout the world.  

He is listed on page 306 of Matthew Bown's, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters. His paintings appear in hundreds of books published on Russian and Soviet art.