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Kozhevnikov, Vladimir

Vladimir Kozhevnikov - Morning, Old BarnVladimir Kozhevnikov - June in St. PetersburgVladimir Kozhevnikov - March in PskovVladimir Kozhevnikov - Winter in the VillageVladimir Kozhevnikov - On the Black SeaVladimir Kozhevnikov - Rose and GuitarVladimir Kozhevnikov - Late SummerVladimir Kozhevnikov - RegattaVladimir Kozhevnikov - Spring is ComingVladimir Kozhevnikov - May in the VillageVladimir Kozhevnikov - Pskov Kremlin
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Morning, Old Barn
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - Morning, Old Barn

18 1/2″ x 22 1/2″  oil $1,800

June in St. Petersburg
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - June in St. Petersburg

31 1/2" x 27 1/2"  oil 

March in Pskov
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - March in Pskov


Winter in the Village
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - Winter in the Village


On the Black Sea
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - On the Black Sea


Rose and Guitar
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - Rose and Guitar


Late Summer
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - Late Summer


Vladimir Kozhevnikov - Regatta


Spring is Coming
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - Spring is Coming


May in the Village
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - May in the Village


Pskov Kremlin
Vladimir Kozhevnikov - Pskov Kremlin






Kozhevnikova was born in St. Petersburg in 1950. His father was a celebrated master of art restoration. Kozhevnikov began his formal art education at the St. Petersburg University in 1975 and graduated in 1984 in the studio of Pavel Petrovich Utkin (b.1920).


In 1975, Kozhevnikov followed in his father’s footsteps and was engaged in the restoration of icons in churches and monasteries throughout Russia. He enjoyed a great amount of success as a fine artist, emerging as one of Russia’s leading contemporary artists. He has been invited to participate in numerous group exhibitions in St. Petersburg and throughout provincial Russia. In February of 2001, he participated in the group "Belamor" Exhibit at the St. Petersburg Union of Artists Exhibition Hall in which his works were prominently displayed in the Central Hall. Kozhevnikov has even enjoyed strong commercial sponsorship from Russia’s nuclear submarine manufacturer, The Ruben Group.


His paintings are held in the permanent collection of the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg. His paintings are increasingly being exhibited outside of Russia and are in personal collections throughout the world.