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 Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Green Dress Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Vika Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Vika Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Polina Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Portrait of Wife Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Portrait of a Young Woman
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Green Dress
 Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Green Dress

35" x 29"   oil  

 Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Vika

19 3/8" x 17 1/2"   oil

 Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Vika


 Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Polina


Portrait of Wife
 Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Portrait of Wife


Portrait of a Young Woman
 Tsirkulenko-Suvorov - Portrait of a Young Woman








Vadim Suvorov (Tsirkulenko-Suvorov) was born in the southern Ukrainian city of Nikolaev in 1986.  He studied at the Nikolaev Art School until 2005, at which time he gained acceptance into the Grekov Art Academy in Odessa, Ukraine.  The talented young artist graduated from the Academy in 2011 and has quickly established himself as a rising star in Ukraine’s art community.  Additionally, works by Suvorov have already been added to major collections in Russia, Europe, China and the United States.

 From December 2012 to February 2013, Suvorov participated in a major exhibition in Odessa.

 He lives and paints in Ukraine and is a member of the Union of Ukrainian Artists.