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Bernadski, Gennadi

Gennadi Bernadski - RegattaGennadi Bernadski - First FlowersGennadi Bernadski - Night Window, ViolinGennadi Bernadski - VillageGennadi Bernadski - Road to the VillageGennadi Bernadski - Crimean BayGennadi Bernadski - Evening at the SeaGennadi Bernadski - Evening Still LifeGennadi Bernadski - CrimeaGennadi Bernadski - Country Still Life
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Gennadi Bernadski - Regatta

13 1/2" x 31 1/4"  oil 

First Flowers
Gennadi Bernadski - First Flowers


Night Window, Violin
Gennadi Bernadski - Night Window, Violin

SOLD  27 3/8" x 19 1/2"  oil 

Gennadi Bernadski - Village


Road to the Village
Gennadi Bernadski - Road to the Village


Crimean Bay
Gennadi Bernadski - Crimean Bay


Evening at the Sea
Gennadi Bernadski - Evening at the Sea


Evening Still Life
Gennadi Bernadski - Evening Still Life


Gennadi Bernadski - Crimea


Country Still Life
Gennadi Bernadski - Country Still Life








Gennadi Bernadski was always going to be a painter. His parents, Valentin Danilovich Bernadski and Nina Stepanovna Dragomirova, met and married while working at the Art College of Simferopol in the Southern Ukraine. Gennadi was born in 1956, the younger of two sons. Both parents encouraged the boys to draw and paint throughout their childhood. Always the star of the art class at school, Gennadi made a name for himself when he produced a large nude drawing of the art mistress. None too pleased, she packed him off to the headmaster who sent him home with the drawing in disgrace. However, his father was delighted, and the drawing was pinned on the studio wall.

In 1973, Gennadi went to the Art College where his parents had met more than twenty years earlier. He was only able to study for a year before military service took him to the nearby naval base and a two year career in “marine aviation.” Then, it was back to being an art student in Simferopol from 1976 to 1978. At this stage, most graduating artists would be employed locally, while the most promising students would proceed to one of the great academies of the Soviet Union. Bernadski followed in his father’s footsteps and was accepted at the Repin Institute in Leningrad (in Boris Ugarov’s studio.)

Student days are similar the world over. Gennadi’s days as a postgraduate are certainly remembered. The departmental summer painting trips were a highlight of the year. They were so demanding that the teachers would regularly have to douse the students with cold water to get them out of bed in the morning. When the money ran out, Gennadi would paint portraits of the girls in the canteen in return for a meal.

For his diploma subject in his final year Gennadi was told to compose a painting on the brief heroic life of Aleksandr Ulyanov, Lenin’s elder brother. This process quietly evolved into a project on the life and career of Aleksandr Grin, a famous Russian writer with close ties to Crimea. The examiners must have been surprised when presented with the picture of Grin in the Crimea. Nonetheless, it was a great success—the only painting that year to be awarded the equivalent of a first-class degree.

After graduation from the Repin Institute, Gennadi spent four years working with the influential artist, Viktor Oreshnikov. In 1983, he submitted a self-portrait to the All Union Exhibition “The Youth of the Country”, where it attracted favorable notice and was featured in the national cultural journal, “Smena”.