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Dimitrov, Martin

Martin Dimitrov - Past Times IIMartin Dimitrov - Candle LightMartin Dimitrov - CliffMartin Dimitrov - Magnificent VistaMartin Dimitrov - The Forgotten RoseMartin Dimitrov - Moored BoatMartin Dimitrov - Evening LightsMartin Dimitrov - Still Life with Dried PeoniesMartin Dimitrov - Horse Nettle BerriesMartin Dimitrov - Purple WildflowersMartin Dimitrov - Under the Sunset Sky IMartin Dimitrov - AwningMartin Dimitrov - TreesMartin Dimitrov - South MountainMartin Dimitrov - Cottons IMartin Dimitrov - FigsMartin Dimitrov - OrangesMartin Dimitrov - Composition of LightMartin Dimitrov - StillnessMartin Dimitrov - Crescent MoonMartin Dimitrov - Times Past IMartin Dimitrov - Horse NettleMartin Dimitrov - Cottons 2Martin Dimitrov - FlowerMartin Dimitrov - Rain Before SunriseMartin Dimitrov - GrapefruitMartin Dimitrov - White Cup
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Past Times II
Martin Dimitrov - Past Times II

On Hold 28" x 36" oil

Candle Light
Martin Dimitrov - Candle Light

SOLD 26" x 26"  oil

Cliff's Edge
Martin Dimitrov - Cliff

SOLD  10" x 8"  oil

Magnificent Vista
Martin Dimitrov - Magnificent Vista

14 1/4" x 25 1/2" oil

The Forgotten Rose
Martin Dimitrov - The Forgotten Rose

10" x 8"  oil

Moored Boat
Martin Dimitrov - Moored Boat

8" x 10"  oil 

Evening Lights
Martin Dimitrov - Evening Lights

SOLD 9" x 12" oil

Still Life with Dried Peonies
Martin Dimitrov - Still Life with Dried Peonies

On Hold 18" x 21"  oil

Horse Nettle Berries
Martin Dimitrov - Horse Nettle Berries

SOLD  9" x 9"  oil

Purple Wildflowers
Martin Dimitrov - Purple Wildflowers

8" x 8"  oil

Under the Sunset Sky I
Martin Dimitrov - Under the Sunset Sky I

6" x 8"  oil

Martin Dimitrov - Awning

SOLD  12" x 9"   oil

Martin Dimitrov - Trees

10" x 8"  oil

South Mountain
Martin Dimitrov - South Mountain

SOLD 9" x 12" oil

Cottons I
Martin Dimitrov - Cottons I


Martin Dimitrov - Figs


Martin Dimitrov - Oranges


Composition of Light
Martin Dimitrov - Composition of Light

SOLD 36" x 24" oil

Martin Dimitrov - Stillness

SOLD 26" x 22" oil

Crescent Moon
Martin Dimitrov - Crescent Moon

SOLD 10" x 8"  oil

Times Past I
Martin Dimitrov - Times Past I

SOLD 28" x 36"  oil

Horse Nettle
Martin Dimitrov - Horse Nettle


Cottons 2
Martin Dimitrov - Cottons 2

SOLD 8" x 8"  oil

Martin Dimitrov - Flower

SOLD   14" x 11" oil

Rain Before Sunrise
Martin Dimitrov - Rain Before Sunrise

SOLD 10" x 8"  oil

Martin Dimitrov - Grapefruit

SOLD  28" x 24"  oil

White Cup
Martin Dimitrov - White Cup

SOLD  30" x 24"  oil




Martin was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. The US has been his home for the last 17 years. Martin has a doctorate degree in computer science and is a self-taught artist. He was selected the 2017 fellow of the prestigious Donald and Kim Jurney Traveling Fellowship, which he used to travel to Spain and study the works of Velazquez and Sorolla. Martin teaches in the Scottsdale Artist School. 

Painting "Times Past I" was awarded finalist in the International Artist Magazine still-life competition and appeared in the Feb/March 2016 issue

Painting "Grapefruit" won the award for Best Outdoor Still Life in April/May online contest for Plein Air Magazine in 2016. 

"When I paint, I feel a sense of purpose. I have a sharp focus and a clear mind. I express my most essential thoughts more clearly with paint on canvas than with words. In addition, the process of creating my art is as important to me as the finished piece itself. I cherish that experience, and this is why I work from life or imagination and love every minute of it."