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Posipai, Sergei

Sergei Posipai - Samovar and InstrumentsSergei Posipai - Odessa PortSergei Posipai - Wheat and Bread
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Samovar and Instruments
Sergei Posipai - Samovar and Instruments

21 1/4" x 29"  oil on canvas  signed  1964  $3,000

Odessa Port
Sergei Posipai - Odessa Port

27" x 34 3/4"  oil on canvas  signed  1967  $3,200

Wheat and Bread
Sergei Posipai - Wheat and Bread






1930 -   


Posipai was born in Odessa, Ukraine to the son of a sailor.

He was a 1950 graduate of the Odessa Art College and graduated from the Kiev Art Institute in 1957.

While much of his career was spent in Odessa, Posipai lives and works today in Kiev.