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Sizikov, Valentin

Valentin Sizikov - Morning WalkValentin Sizikov - Portrait of a GirlValentin Sizikov - On the Volga RiverValentin Sizikov - By the SeaValentin Sizikov - StackingValentin Sizikov - In Shevchenko ParkValentin Sizikov - Spring in the ParkValentin Sizikov - View of KharkovValentin Sizikov - In BulgariaValentin Sizikov - Clear DayValentin Sizikov - Black Sea RetreatValentin Sizikov - The City of Nesbur, BulgariaValentin Sizikov - Country HomeValentin Sizikov - Crimean BeachValentin Sizikov - CrimeaValentin Sizikov - Rocks of Crimea
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Morning Walk
Valentin Sizikov - Morning Walk

13 1/2" x 19 3/8" oil on board signed 1964  $2,700

Portrait of a Girl
Valentin Sizikov - Portrait of a Girl

24" x 20" oil on board signed on reverse 1948  $3,500

On the Volga River
Valentin Sizikov - On the Volga River

13" x 19"  oil on board signed 1966  $1,500

By the Sea
Valentin Sizikov - By the Sea

18" x 25 1/2" oil on canvas signed 1964  $2,000

Valentin Sizikov - Stacking


In Shevchenko Park
Valentin Sizikov - In Shevchenko Park


Spring in the Park
Valentin Sizikov - Spring in the Park


View of Kharkov
Valentin Sizikov - View of Kharkov


In Bulgaria
Valentin Sizikov - In Bulgaria


Clear Day
Valentin Sizikov - Clear Day


Black Sea Retreat
Valentin Sizikov - Black Sea Retreat


The City of Nesbur, Bulgaria
Valentin Sizikov - The City of Nesbur, Bulgaria


Country Home
Valentin Sizikov - Country Home


Crimean Beach
Valentin Sizikov - Crimean Beach


Valentin Sizikov - Crimea


Rocks of Crimea
Valentin Sizikov - Rocks of Crimea





1918 - 2005

Sizikov was born in Barnaul, Russia.

He studied at the Omsk Art College from 1935 to 1939 and at the Kharkov Art Institute from 1940 to 1949. He went on to be one of the most influential professors of painting in the history of the Kharkov Art Institute.

Sizikov participated in numerous exhibitions throughout his career including in the All-Unikon Art Exhibition of 1951 in Moscow. He was a member of the Ukrainian Union of Artists and Kharkov Union of Artists. 

He specialized in thematic pictures and a portraits. Several publications were printed on Sizikov. He is listed on page 295 of Matthew Bown's, A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters.