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Lyubovnaya, Regina

Regina Lyubovnaya - Flying Hawk Regina Lyubovnaya - Spring Bunch Regina Lyubovnaya - Crazy HorseRegina Lyubovnaya - Summer PasturesRegina Lyubovnaya - Little Prince Regina Lyubovnaya - Girl with BraidRegina Lyubovnaya - BottlesRegina Lyubovnaya - Summer SunRegina Lyubovnaya - Heads or TailsRegina Lyubovnaya - Waiting for YouRegina Lyubovnaya - Roses IIIRegina Lyubovnaya - Roses II Regina Lyubovnaya - Roses IRegina Lyubovnaya - Walkies!Regina Lyubovnaya - I smell BaconRegina Lyubovnaya - JewelsRegina Lyubovnaya - UnfoldingRegina Lyubovnaya - WildflowersRegina Lyubovnaya - Roses and HydrangeasRegina Lyubovnaya - A DanceRegina Lyubovnaya - Greyhound in whiteRegina Lyubovnaya - AnticipationRegina Lyubovnaya - DaydreamingRegina Lyubovnaya - CelebrationRegina Lyubovnaya - LongingRegina Lyubovnaya - Apple BranchRegina Lyubovnaya - Looking BackRegina Lyubovnaya - Roses in BloomRegina Lyubovnaya - Blooming RosesRegina Lyubovnaya - Summer AbundanceRegina Lyubovnaya - Roses
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Flying Hawk
Regina Lyubovnaya - Flying Hawk

14" x 11" oil

Spring Bunch
Regina Lyubovnaya - Spring Bunch

14" x 11" oil

Crazy Horse
Regina Lyubovnaya - Crazy Horse

SOLD  14" x 11" oil

Summer Pastures
Regina Lyubovnaya - Summer Pastures

 8" x 18" oil

Little Prince
Regina Lyubovnaya - Little Prince

SOLD 12" x 9" oil

Girl with Braid
Regina Lyubovnaya - Girl with Braid

SOLD  12" x 9" oil

Regina Lyubovnaya - Bottles

SOLD  9" x 12" oil

Summer Sun
Regina Lyubovnaya - Summer Sun

12" x 9" oil

Heads or Tails
Regina Lyubovnaya - Heads or Tails

SOLD 7" x 12" oil

Waiting for You
Regina Lyubovnaya - Waiting for You

SOLD 8" x 10" oil

Roses III
Regina Lyubovnaya - Roses III

SOLD  10" x 8" oil

Roses II
Regina Lyubovnaya - Roses II

8" x 8" oil

Roses I
Regina Lyubovnaya - Roses I

8" x 8" oil

Regina Lyubovnaya - Walkies!

8" x 8" oil

I smell Bacon
Regina Lyubovnaya - I smell Bacon

SOLD  8" x 8" oil

Regina Lyubovnaya - Jewels

SOLD 40" x 30" oil

Regina Lyubovnaya - Unfolding

36" x 36" oil

Regina Lyubovnaya - Wildflowers

14"x 11" oil

Roses and Hydrangeas
Regina Lyubovnaya - Roses and Hydrangeas

40" x 30" oil

A Dance
Regina Lyubovnaya - A Dance

SOLD  30" x 15"  oil

Greyhound in white
Regina Lyubovnaya - Greyhound in white

SOLD 22" x 16" oil

Regina Lyubovnaya - Anticipation

10" x 8" oil 

Regina Lyubovnaya - Daydreaming

SOLD 14" x 11" oil

Regina Lyubovnaya - Celebration


Regina Lyubovnaya - Longing

SOLD  16" x 12" oil

Apple Branch
Regina Lyubovnaya - Apple Branch

SOLD  14" x 11" oil 

Looking Back
Regina Lyubovnaya - Looking Back

SOLD 14" x 11" oil 

Roses in Bloom
Regina Lyubovnaya - Roses in Bloom

SOLD 48" x36" oil 

Blooming Roses
Regina Lyubovnaya - Blooming Roses

SOLD  36" x 30" oil

Summer Abundance
Regina Lyubovnaya - Summer Abundance


Regina Lyubovnaya - Roses





 Regina Lyubovnaya is a Russian born artist whose first interest in painting was sparked by visits with her grandparents to the National Museum of Art in Moscow. It was here the painterly realism of the old masters captivated her imagination. At a young age, she was recognized as a gifted painter in Russia.

In her work, Lyubovnaya searches for a balance between traditional painting and expressive abstraction. Images are not mere illustrations but they become sculptures of paint. The richness of her paint, the depth of her colors, and the expressiveness of her brushstrokes all create a timeless illusion of reality.

Lyubovnaya’s education includes the Moscow Institute of Arts and Crafts in Russia and the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. She is also a graduate from Loyola Marymount University and Art Center College of Design.

Currently her paintings are in private collections throughout the world including Russia, United States, UK and various European and Asian countries.

Regina had a one person exhibition at Gallery Russia in 2008 and a one person exhibition in Laguna Beach in September, 2010.