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Mikhailov, Konstantin

Konstantin Mikhailov - Fishermen, In from the SeaKonstantin Mikhailov - FactoryKonstantin Mikhailov - ChamberKonstantin Mikhailov - Warning LightKonstantin Mikhailov - Portrait of Miner G. SmirnoviKonstantin Mikhailov - Portrait of L. LiesfieldKonstantin Mikhailov - Into the MineKonstantin Mikhailov - Fishermen, Into the SeaKonstantin Mikhailov - Soda WaterKonstantin Mikhailov - Repair ShopKonstantin Mikhailov - Electric TrainKonstantin Mikhailov - Lenin′s MountainKonstantin Mikhailov - The ReunionKonstantin Mikhailov - Lenin with Homeless ChildrenKonstantin Mikhailov - Power Station in TjumenKonstantin Mikhailov - Factory, Making IronKonstantin Mikhailov - Mining LimestoneKonstantin Mikhailov - Into the ChamberKonstantin Mikhailov - At the Furnace, StudyKonstantin Mikhailov - Fishermen, In for RepairsKonstantin Mikhailov - Cleaning Boat
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Fishermen, In from the Sea
Konstantin Mikhailov - Fishermen, In from the Sea

17 1/8″ x 25 1/2″   oil on board   signed  1986  $2,500

Konstantin Mikhailov - Factory

19 3/4" x 27 1/4" oil on canvas  signed 1958 $2,500

Konstantin Mikhailov - Chamber

13 1/2″ x 19 3/4″   oil on board   1965  $950

Warning Light
Konstantin Mikhailov - Warning Light

13" x 19" oil on board unsigned 1965 $950

Portrait of Miner G. Smirnovi
Konstantin Mikhailov - Portrait of Miner G. Smirnovi

18 5/8" x 12 7/8" oil on board signed $1,400

Portrait of L. Liesfield
Konstantin Mikhailov - Portrait of L. Liesfield

19″ x 13″   oil on board   1960′s  $1,400

Into the Mine
Konstantin Mikhailov - Into the Mine
13″ x 19″   oil on board   1965
Fishermen, Into the Sea
Konstantin Mikhailov - Fishermen, Into the Sea

16″ x 27″   oil on board   signed on reverse   1986  $2,200

Soda Water
Konstantin Mikhailov - Soda Water

18 3/4" x 13 3/4" oil on board unsigned 1965 $950

Repair Shop
Konstantin Mikhailov - Repair Shop

13″ x 19″   oil on board   1965  $950

Electric Train
Konstantin Mikhailov - Electric Train

13" x 18 3/4"  oil on board  1965 $950

Lenin′s Mountain
Konstantin Mikhailov - Lenin′s Mountain

53" x 67"   oil on canvas  signed  1970  $6,000




The Reunion
Konstantin Mikhailov - The Reunion


Lenin with Homeless Children
Konstantin Mikhailov - Lenin with Homeless Children


Power Station in Tjumen
Konstantin Mikhailov - Power Station in Tjumen

SOLD 18 1/4″ x 31″   oil on board   signed   1981   framed

Factory, Making Iron
Konstantin Mikhailov - Factory, Making Iron


Mining Limestone
Konstantin Mikhailov - Mining Limestone


Into the Chamber
Konstantin Mikhailov - Into the Chamber


At the Furnace, Study
Konstantin Mikhailov - At the Furnace, Study


Fishermen, In for Repairs
Konstantin Mikhailov - Fishermen, In for Repairs

SOLD 24 3/4″ x 19″   oil on board   signed   1986  framed

Cleaning Boat
Konstantin Mikhailov - Cleaning Boat





1908 - 1996

Konstantin Mikhailov was born in Russia, March 19, 1908. He began his formal art studies quite late in life, becoming a student at the Tallinn (capital of Estonia) State Designer’s Institute in 1947, at the age of 39. During his three years at the Institute, he studied painting under noted Estonian art professors A. Jansen and L. Mikko. After graduating from the Designer’s Institute, Mikhailov continued his studies at the prestigious Repin Institute of Art in Leningrad. While a student at the Repin, he studied under > Avilov, and his counselor for his diploma work was Pthe famous Professor J. Neprintsev. He received his diploma from the Repin in 1954, at the age of 46.

During his final year at the Repin Institute in 1954, Mikhailov also began pursuing his master’s degree in pedagogy (the science of teaching) via correspondence from the Pedagogical Institute of Moscow. His ultimate goal of teaching art to young people was advanced by his thesis, "Developing Children’s Feelings and Talents through the Sharing of Art". The artist received his master’s degree in 1966, at the age of 58.

After graduating from the Repin Institute of Art in 1954, Mikhailov became a teacher of painting and drawing at the Estonia Soviet Socialist Republic (ESSR) State Art Institute in Tallinn. He was honored with his first exhibition in 1961 in Johvi, Estonia. His second exhibition was in 1963 at the Harju District collective farm, "People’s Victory". In 1973, he was feted with a one man show at the State Gallery of Art Exhibitions in Tallinn. Mikhailov was honored on his 70th birthday by the Estonian art community with a personal exhibition in the capital city.

Mihailov was a member of the Union Artists of the USSR. His artistic travels were extensive and included Ministry of Culture assignments in Siberia, Mongolia and Russia proper.

The talented Mikhailov enjoyed painting virtually all subject matters and was equally comfortable painting portraits, nature or figurative compositions. In addition to achieving success as an artist, Mikhailov was well-respected in art circles as a student and teacher of art. In spite of a demanding professional schedule, Mikhailov found the time to teach art to prisoners in Estonian prisons and to orphans in the State orphanages.

Mikhailov died in Tallinn in 1996. He is survived by his second wife, His first wife preceded him death. He had no children.

He is listed on page 208 of Matthew Bown’s, A Dictionary of twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters, 1900 – 1980’s.