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Oleszkiewicz, Marci

Marci Oleszkiewicz - Viviens Velveteen RabbitMarci Oleszkiewicz - Little JewelMarci Oleszkiewicz - Waltz of The SnowflakesMarci Oleszkiewicz - Little RainmakerMarci Oleszkiewicz - VivienMarci Oleszkiewicz - Treasure SeekerMarci Oleszkiewicz - Tiny DancerMarci Oleszkiewicz - The Magic CastleMarci Oleszkiewicz - The GiftMarci Oleszkiewicz - Summer by the LakeMarci Oleszkiewicz - GrandmaMarci Oleszkiewicz - Mysteries on the SeashoreMarci Oleszkiewicz - Little AngelMarci Oleszkiewicz - Just Minutes BeforeMarci Oleszkiewicz - Jewels of The FieldMarci Oleszkiewicz - The BeginningMarci Oleszkiewicz - Fur EliseMarci Oleszkiewicz - Waiting on a DreamMarci Oleszkiewicz - BookwormMarci Oleszkiewicz - Baby DollMarci Oleszkiewicz - Purple DressMarci Oleszkiewicz - Autumn BreezeMarci Oleszkiewicz - DayliliesMarci Oleszkiewicz - Red FlowerMarci Oleszkiewicz - Sanctuary PondMarci Oleszkiewicz - SpringMarci Oleszkiewicz - Spring in the GardenMarci Oleszkiewicz - BellaMarci Oleszkiewicz - Finding JoyMarci Oleszkiewicz - DreamerMarci Oleszkiewicz - Beyond the Window PaneMarci Oleszkiewicz - Are We There YetMarci Oleszkiewicz - SummerMarci Oleszkiewicz - Ragedy Ann
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Viviens Velveteen Rabbit
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Viviens Velveteen Rabbit

SOLD  30" x 20" oil

Little Jewel
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Little Jewel

SOLD 12" x 9" oil

Waltz of The Snowflakes
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Waltz of The Snowflakes

SOLD  12" x 18" oil

Little Rainmaker
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Little Rainmaker

SOLD  18" x 14" oil

Marci Oleszkiewicz - Vivien

SOLD  36" x 26" oil

Treasure Seeker
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Treasure Seeker

24" x 18" oil

Tiny Dancer
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Tiny Dancer

SOLD 20" x 16" oil

The Magic Castle
Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Magic Castle

18" x 12" oil

The Gift
Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Gift

36" x 20" oil

Summer by the Lake
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Summer by the Lake

SOLD  44" x 26" oil

Grandma's Attic
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Grandma

20" x 16" oil

Mysteries on the Seashore
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Mysteries on the Seashore

14" x 11" oil

Little Angel
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Little Angel

SOLD  12" x 9" oil

Just Minutes Before
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Just Minutes Before

24" x 36"  oil

Jewels of The Field
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Jewels of The Field

SOLD  24" x 24" oil

The Beginning
Marci Oleszkiewicz - The Beginning

SOLD 20" x 16" oil

Fur Elise
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Fur Elise

SOLD  20" x 16" oil

Waiting on a Dream
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Waiting on a Dream

SOLD 24" x 18"  oil

Marci Oleszkiewicz - Bookworm

24" x 36"  oil

Baby Doll
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Baby Doll

SOLD  20"x16" oil

Purple Dress
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Purple Dress

16" x 12"   oil

Autumn Breeze
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Autumn Breeze

36" x 26"    oil

Marci Oleszkiewicz - Daylilies

SOLD  12" x 9"  oil

Red Flower
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Red Flower

SOLD 24″ x 14″  oil

Sanctuary Pond
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Sanctuary Pond
40″ x 56″  oil
Spring's Melody
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Spring

SOLD  24" x 30"  oil

Spring in the Garden
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Spring in the Garden

SOLD  20" x 16" oil

Bella's Teddy Bear
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Bella

SOLD 16" x 12" oil

Finding Joy
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Finding Joy

SOLD 12" x 9"  oil

Marci Oleszkiewicz - Dreamer

SOLD  10″ x 8″  oil

Beyond the Window Pane
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Beyond the Window Pane


Are We There Yet
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Are We There Yet

SOLD  24" x 36" oil

Summer's End
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Summer


Ragedy Ann
Marci Oleszkiewicz - Ragedy Ann





Marci Oleszkiewicz was home schooled most of her life, where art was an important part of her instruction. She has studied at The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Marwen, and The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago. She has found inspiration in many great painters, including Antonio Mancini, Nicholi Fechin, John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell and Richard Schmid.


2015 3rd Place on the Oil Painters of America Spring Online Contest

2015 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Russia

2014 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Russia

2013 Solo Exhbition, Gallery Russia

2012 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Russia

2011 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Russia

2010 winner of the Hunter Edition Award of Excellence, American Impressionist Society, 11 th Annual National Juried Exhibition

2010 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Russia

2009 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Russia