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Baskakov, Nikolai

Nikolai Baskakov - Winter Walk, 1974Nikolai Baskakov - In Spring, 1979Nikolai Baskakov - MistNikolai Baskakov - Street in PrirogrodNikolai Baskakov - FamilyNikolai Baskakov - Portrait of an Old WomanNikolai Baskakov - Foundry WorkersNikolai Baskakov - Siberian GirlNikolai Baskakov - First Light
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Winter Walk, 1974
Nikolai Baskakov - Winter Walk, 1974

19 5/8" x 27 1/2"  oil on board  signed 

In Spring, 1979
Nikolai Baskakov - In Spring, 1979

12 3/4" x 15 3/4"  oil on board  signed 

Nikolai Baskakov - Mist

SOLD 10 5/8" x 10 5/8"  oil on board  signed 

Street in Prirogrod
Nikolai Baskakov - Street in Prirogrod


Nikolai Baskakov - Family


Portrait of an Old Woman
Nikolai Baskakov - Portrait of an Old Woman


Foundry Workers
Nikolai Baskakov - Foundry Workers


Siberian Girl
Nikolai Baskakov - Siberian Girl


First Light
Nikolai Baskakov - First Light










1918 - 1993

Born in Russia in 1918.

1951 graduate of the Repin Institute in Leningrad from the studio of Boris Iagonson.

Became a member of the Leningrad Artists’ Union and began exhibiting in 1951. Is well-known for his popular painting, "Milkmaids, Novella."

Three time winner of the Kirov Factory Prize.

Was a well-known genre painter.

Works are in museums in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Alma-Ata, Astrakhan, Kazan, Yaroslav, Ukraine and Russia and private colletions throughout the world.

Died in St. Petersburg in 1993.