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Edlinger-Kunze, C.

C. Edlinger-Kunze - The OceanC. Edlinger-Kunze - IC. Edlinger-Kunze - YouC. Edlinger-Kunze - Waves C. Edlinger-Kunze - Etudes IVC. Edlinger-Kunze - MoonlightC. Edlinger-Kunze - Queen B.C. Edlinger-Kunze - Loving is EasyC. Edlinger-Kunze - Etudes IIIC. Edlinger-Kunze - MasqueradeC. Edlinger-Kunze - SophieC. Edlinger-Kunze - Etudes IC. Edlinger-Kunze - Place PigalleC. Edlinger-Kunze - A Faithful SongC. Edlinger-Kunze - Funny MoodsC. Edlinger-Kunze - One, Two, ThreeC. Edlinger-Kunze - Etudes IIC. Edlinger-Kunze - A Single Little ThingC. Edlinger-Kunze - WonderlandC. Edlinger-Kunze - Feel Like You Still Have a Choice IC. Edlinger-Kunze - Lost TogetherC. Edlinger-Kunze - Coins in the FountainC. Edlinger-Kunze - LovesongC. Edlinger-Kunze - ItC. Edlinger-Kunze - I Have the LoveC. Edlinger-Kunze - EquinoxC. Edlinger-Kunze - EnoughC. Edlinger-Kunze - The Way I amC. Edlinger-Kunze - Debris (Die Leightigkiet des Seins)C. Edlinger-Kunze - White RoomC. Edlinger-Kunze - Just  a Ray of LightC. Edlinger-Kunze - Just Say You Love MeC. Edlinger-Kunze - WhispersC. Edlinger-Kunze - Ciao BellaC. Edlinger-Kunze - Because You Make Me SmileC. Edlinger-Kunze - Like a Song Out of TimeC. Edlinger-Kunze - Four Winds
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The Ocean
C. Edlinger-Kunze - The Ocean

48" x 50" Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

I'll Be There with You
C. Edlinger-Kunze - I

SOLD 16" x 16" charcoal and oil on torn paper laid on wood



You'e Grown Your Wings
C. Edlinger-Kunze - You

SOLD 30 x 24"   Acrylic and Oil on Wood

C. Edlinger-Kunze - Waves

44" x 36" acrylic and oil

Etudes IV
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Etudes IV

SOLD 10" x 8"  acrylic and oil

C. Edlinger-Kunze - Moonlight

SOLD  40" x 34" acrylic and oil

Queen B.
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Queen B.

SOLD 36" x 28" acrylic and oil on linen

Loving is Easy
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Loving is Easy

SOLD 34" x 24" acrylic and oil

Etudes III
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Etudes III

SOLD 12" x 12" acrylic and oil

C. Edlinger-Kunze - Masquerade

SOLD 52" x 26" acrylic and oil 

Sophie's World
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Sophie

24" x 24" arcylic and oil

Etudes I
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Etudes I

20" x 16" acrylic and oil

Place Pigalle
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Place Pigalle

58" x 50"  acrylic and oil

A Faithful Song
C. Edlinger-Kunze - A Faithful Song

SOLD 26" x 24" acrylic and oil

Funny Moods
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Funny Moods

SOLD 12" x 12" acrylic and oil

One, Two, Three
C. Edlinger-Kunze - One, Two, Three

46" x 46" acrylic and oil

Etudes II
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Etudes II

12" x 12" acrylic and oil

A Single Little Thing
C. Edlinger-Kunze - A Single Little Thing

10" x 8"  acrylic and oil 

C. Edlinger-Kunze - Wonderland

SOLD 72" x 48" acrylic

Feel Like You Still Have a Choice I
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Feel Like You Still Have a Choice I

18" x 18" acrylic

Lost Together
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Lost Together

SOLD 48"x48" acrylic

Coins in the Fountain
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Coins in the Fountain

SOLD 40" x 38"  acrylic

C. Edlinger-Kunze - Lovesong

SOLD 56" x 21"   acrylic

It's Your Face
C. Edlinger-Kunze - It





I Have the Love
C. Edlinger-Kunze - I Have the Love

SOLD  32" x34" acrylic

C. Edlinger-Kunze - Equinox

SOLD 38" x 26" acrylic

C. Edlinger-Kunze - Enough

SOLD  48" x 38" acrylic

The Way I am
C. Edlinger-Kunze - The Way I am

SOLD 48" x 44" acrylic

Debris (Die Leightigkiet des Seins)
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Debris (Die Leightigkiet des Seins)

SOLD 72"x 40" acrylic

White Room
C. Edlinger-Kunze - White Room

SOLD  44" x 46" acrylic

Just a Ray of Light
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Just  a Ray of Light

SOLD  24" x18" acrylic

Just Say You Love Me
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Just Say You Love Me

SOLD  38"  x 42" acrylic

C. Edlinger-Kunze - Whispers

SOLD 36" x 44" acrylic

Ciao Bella
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Ciao Bella

SOLD  8" x 8" acrylic 

Because You Make Me Smile
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Because You Make Me Smile


Like a Song Out of Time
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Like a Song Out of Time


Four Winds
C. Edlinger-Kunze - Four Winds

SOLD 30" x 22" acrylic and oil 




Born and raised in Germany, Cathrine Edlinger-Kunze moved to the United States in 1994 where she works as a full time artist. She credits her father for inspiring her love of painting. "Sitting side by side with my father, I learned very early what painting meant to me, and it became a special bond to my father and me."

Edlinger-Kunze devotes most of her time to sketching and painting the figure, explaining "the human face and body always fascinated me...the body is the perfection of form, movement and nature." Much of the artist's recent subject matter revolves around performers and dancers, recalling the delicacy of Degas' ballerinas and the quietude of Picasso's saltimbanques.

Edlinger-Kunze has shown her work since 1985 and has exhibited in Germany, Italy and the United States; and counts collectors from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. After years of living in Carlsbad, California, Cathrine moved to Sweden in the summer of 2014.