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Belykh, Aleksei

Aleksei Belykh - An Anxious YouthAleksei Belykh - SummerAleksei Belykh - Spring Beyond the Volga
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An Anxious Youth
Aleksei Belykh - An Anxious Youth


Aleksei Belykh - Summer


Spring Beyond the Volga
Aleksei Belykh - Spring Beyond the Volga









1923 - 

A RSFSR Honored art worker, a RSFSR People’s Artist and a Member of the USSR Union of Artists (since 1960), professor
Belykh was born in 1923 in the village of  Krutets of Orlov’s region. During the Second World War he was on the front. After the war he came back to Moscow and started to study at the art school. In 1958 he graduated from Moscow State Institute named after V.I. Surikov.
V. Nechitailo and F. Reshetnikov were his professors.    
After the institute Belykh returned to Kostroma. First he worked in the art school and later in
the art department in the Pedagogical Institute of Kostroma.
In 1965 Belykh became a Honoured Artist of  Russia.
Since 1947 he has participated in art exhibitions. In 1975,1983,1993,1994,1998 he had his personal exhibition in Kostroma. In 1975,1979,1983 in Moscow and in 1985 in Leningrad.
Belykh likes to paint portraits, landscapes and paintings on historical subjects.
His works are in museums of Kostroma, Irkutsk, Ryazan, Tula and in the Gallery of realistic art in Germany. Art lovers from Germany, USA, Great Britain, Finland and Italy have bought his works for their private collections.